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joi, 26 iunie 2014


i can rejoice
with the works of joyce
deep in the eye
of what is close to the heart
you might encounter pain
as you walk
throught the park
of many of your forgotten
cups of tea

there is no place like home
you say
there is no one like you
on a planet filled with alikeness
we go by train
to that remote place
on the river band
and there you start singing again

please, my love, rejoice
with the works of joyce
start undressing me
so close to the sea
open my heart and hear my pain
it has so many tongues
it started speaking again

i hear it now
as i had always felt it
it beats underneath your skin
i can hear so many of your hearts
like constelations of stars
gazing into my eyes
until i start singing
like a child playing
with a piano on a cloudy
one morning

rejoice, my lady love, rejoice
with the words of joyce
i shall always be with you
even when this morning never happened
as last night was raining
almost to the tears
of our eyes

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