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vineri, 25 septembrie 2015

When you don’t call to say goodnight

When you don’t call to say goodnight,
I loose the sense of what is right
Or how it’s like to win a fight
I dream of a foregone place
Stripped of its beauty and its grace.
Something in my heart weakens
Is it the beating chops of deacons?

When you don’t call to say goodnight,
I’m lost inside the elliptic time of ‘might’
Swimming in a whirlpool of erotic figures
Is it Aphrodite or just another mistress?
How can I see you in so many shades
When the note of your perfume just fades?
Even when your voice is mingled in electronic sounds
I hear the clarinets whisper like cool water pounds.
I’ve said many helloes and a few goodbyes
None of them sounded like a bunch of lullabies
But my farewell to you will make out for a symphony
Of our forgotten love and our disturbed harmony.

When you don’t call to say goodnight
All lost hopes and dreams collide
To form a veil upon my eyes
The shield upon so many useless cries
I dream of you lying beside me now
I don’t know of time nor place nor how
I just sense your presence
Like a fragrance
Like a diamond shinning upon velvet sheets
Or the sound of a thousand bits
That’s how strong I feel you in this late hour
But my mood and humor have gone so sour
Feeling weak and lust for power
Hugging pillows and trees and memories
Thinking of your lips and cranberries
Of your breasts upon my chest
This is the woman I caress
Whose beauty I now confess
But to my uttermost midnight stress
I am not being blessed
With desire and I must request
To be again her unwelcomed guest
To her helloes and how do you do’s
So I linger here in my bed of red and blues
Missing her smiles, her faces, her black pupil
Feeling so humble, so sad like Droopy
For in her once loving arms I’m just a kite
When she doesn’t call to say goodnight.

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